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A Private Athlete Catering Platform Connecting Professional Sport Teams With Elite Fueling Partners.  

The Problem

Trusted fueling partners are hard to locate & evaluate.
Athlete catering is complicated & time intensive. 
No athlete catering marketplace exclusively for teams.
Vetted fueling partners with pro team experience.
Athlete catering menus designed by sport dietitian.
No fake reviews! Peer group reviewing & sharing. 

Our Solution


Established by

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Jennifer Gibson, MS, RD, CSSD

Co-founder and CEO

Pro Sport Dietitian
18 Years Experience

"Coordinating athlete catering was a frustrating aspect of my job. I spent hours researching vendors and dealing with inefficient communication and ordering. I needed trusted fueling partners to execute at an elite level while meeting my team’s nutritional needs. With many colleagues experiencing the same issues, the idea of creating Elite Eats Inc. was born!”

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